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Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life

You can’t change other people, and it’s rude to try.

Bad moods will come and go your whole life, and trying to force them away makes them run deeper and last longer.

Children are remarkably honest creatures until we teach them not to be.

Every problem you have is your responsibility, regardless of who caused it.

If you never doubt your beliefs, then you’re wrong a lot.

Managing one’s wants is the most powerful skill a person can learn.

Cynicism is far too easy to be useful.

Those who complain the most, accomplish the least.

The most common addiction in the world is the draw of comfort. It wrecks dreams and breaks people.

The greatest innovation in the history of humankind is language.

Self-examination is the only path out of misery.

Emotions exist to make us strongly biased towards or against something. This hinders as often as it helps.

By default, people think far too much.

Problems, when they arise, are rarely as painful as the experience of fearing them.

To write a person off as worthless is an act of great violence.

When you break promises to yourself, you feel terrible. When you make a habit of it, you begin to hate yourself.

Justice is a human invention which is in reality rarely achievable, but many will not hesitate to destroy lives demanding it.

Words are immensely powerful. One cruel remark can wound someone for life.

Breaking new ground only takes a small amount more effort than you’re used to giving.

Nothing — ever — happens exactly like you pictured it.

Life is a solo trip, but you’ll have lots of visitors. Some of them are long-term, most aren’t.

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went to go see ironman 3 today because i’m a good brother, now i’m going to see the great gastby sunday because i’m a good friend

over the last semester, i’ve been very fortunate to have come in contact with a dane that lives here in the states. she’s one of my friend’s neighbors and is loving wife and mother of two. we have been communicating via email over the last couple of days about danish culture and here were some keywords and phrases that solidified my studying aboard there.

They basically think americans are a both fat and all wear guns to school.

(who doesn’t lmao)

Danes like to drink.

Fuck is a word everybody says once or twice in almost every sentence.

we are not impressed by american superstars.

we use humor and sarcasm a lot

we are a potato loving country

We have some of the world’s best restaurants in Copenhagen

I mentioned this earlier and will do it again. Danes like to drink. We have the European record among our teenagers. (turnt up central)

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                     Lydia Slack (Sanna Helena Berger)
            Une Femme Douce (Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová, 1970)

                     Lydia Slack (Sanna Helena Berger)


            Une Femme Douce (Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová, 1970)

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"I’ve said far too much already. I should learn to say less."

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Loneliness is the deal. Loneliness is the last great taboo. If we don’t accept loneliness, then capitalism wins hands down. Because capitalism is all about trying to convince people that you can distract yourself, that you can make it better. And it ain’t true.

Tilda Swinton, interviewed in the Guardian

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Sedmikrásky (Věra Chytilová,1966)

Sedmikrásky (Věra Chytilová,1966)

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